About Alice - Second Nature Occupational Therapy

Hi, and welcome. My name is Alice and professionally, I am an Occupational Therapist, who also bears the roles of Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend and Colleague. Working across many fields of health care including mental health, acute rehabilitation, community, aged care and vocational rehab, I have come to understand the importance of how the small things play a part of the bigger picture.

I’ve always had an interest in women’s health, from menstrual cycles and menopause to pre-pregnancy, pre-natal and post-natal stages of life. As an occupational therapist, I understand how these life stages are unavoidable, like nature, and we, as women, adapt our thoughts and actions to suit our surroundings and move as smoothly as possible through them.

Second Nature, the name, came about after much pondering of how our health and life transitions fail to fit any real “guide book”. It comes down to our guts, our intuition, mimicking and adapting those and with our surroundings. Whether it’s the entwined role of being a mother or the ever-changing beings we are as women and our many wonderful attributes and functions, at the end of the day it all comes to us in our strides, like second nature. Don’t be fooled, it is not smooth sailing and perfect pathways. There are many storms, blocking boulders, pot holes and over-hung branches, but we continue to keep growing and moving past them.

I aim to help women by providing evidence-based intervention, support and advice to guide through these seasons and the flowing rhythms of nature.